Benefits of Good Acoustics

Benefits of Good Acoustics

The benefits of good acoustics are often overlooked when designing spaces such as offices, classrooms and meeting room. An acoustically treated room has many benefits and offers endless design options

Combining acoustic treatment with soundproofing measures early in the building design stage can greatly reduce the cost of treatments and prevents issues being difficult to solve; especially relevant to soundproofing and creating privacy within a small office space

We treat numerous offices of directors and board rooms where privacy is needed but isn’t achieved using the standard installation of partition walls and suspended ceilings, dealing with these issues at the design stage can ensure that a private room is created without further work being necessary after the room build is completed


Benefits of good acoustics:

  • Improved speech clarity
  • Higher concentration of staff
  • Happier staff
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Privacy between offices
  • Improved ease of working on the phone in an open plan office
  • Quieter, more comfortable space


There are many methods to treat acoustics such as wall panels, hanging rafts, wallpaper and screens/furniture. We can help you add the right amount to ensure the treatment is both effective and not ‘overkill’

DIY Soundproofing retrospectively is more difficult and the effectiveness (without taking down walls and ceilings) will add big benefits to the space but will be unlikely to block all undesirable sound. For retrofitting soundproofing materials our aim is always to remove any speech clarity first so that any transmitted sound is unintelligible.

We have the materials and experience to hand to offer full and effective soundproofing and will happily work with your contractor to supply and advise on the right materials for your space. Examples of this are using isolation materials such as the Isomax Clip and Channel to create false walls with acoustic plasterboard. One disadvantage of this is the loss of wall space

We are on hand for all your acoustic and soundproofing needs and will advise on the most effective, cost efficient and space saving method available for your space.

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