Benefits of Wood Wool

Benefits of Wood Wool

Made from only natural products, wood wool acoustic panels are an environmentally friendly acoustic solution.

Basic Info:

  • Manufactured from Swedish wood, cement and water (plus paint if you choose coloured panels)
  • It is a sustainable acoustic solution
  • BAUX wood wool panels are recyclable
  • Wood wool acoustic panels are naturally:
    • Sound absorbers and diffusers, working great as a stand along acoustic solution in smaller areas or as part of a full acoustic solution for large spaces (atria for example)
    • Heat accumulators; the panels help regulate room temperature by absorbing excess heat when it is warm and redistributing the heat in cooler conditions
    • Humidity regulators; moisture is either absorbed or emitted depending on the ambient humidity.
    • Mould and rot resistant; the high pH level of the panels makes mould and rot highly unlikely.
    • Fire proof; tested and rated to the same standards that a class 1 fire rating would achieve
    • Low emission emitters; peace of mind for restaurant installations – no harmful or potentially harmful materials are emitted from the panels

Wood wool has a large range of applications, from packaging to stuffing soft toys – it is when it is mixed with cement and water that the properties above become pronounced.

BAUX wood wool acoustic panels are particular useful for installation in the following areas:

  • Restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Offices
  • Meeting areas
  • Break rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Home offices

Installation methods:

Installation of wood wool panels can be done in a few ways:

  • Magnets: powerful magnets (supplied optionally with the panels) are attached to the wall and the panel
  • Batons: Installing wooden batons onto the wall and screwing the wood wool panel onto the baton. This creates a void which can be filled with acoustic insulation for further performance if desired/required
  • Screws: Screws can be put through the panel and the paint touched up once installation is complete to hide the screws
  • Glue: Builders’ glue can be used to attach the panels directly to the wall. We would recommend combining this installation method with screws for peace of mind, given the weight of the panels.


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