GIK Acoustics – Now available on ClearSound

GIK Acoustics – Now available on ClearSound

We are pleased to announce that a range of GIK Acoustics products are now available to buy online from us. Perfect for recording studios and similar spaces, GIK offer fabulous designs and performance at excellent prices

Available in a range of colours and with products that suit all needs of a recording studio, such as absorption, diffusion etc., the GIK range is able to fill the entire need of a music related space

The GIK Acoustics Range

Bass Traps

Due to bass wavelengths being longer than high frequencies, bass traps are thicker than standard acoustic panels. They are designed to effectively absorb bass frequencies which can be troublesome in a music recording environment.


Diffusers scatter flections – the sound which is not absorbed. This helps to create a fuller sound within the room - something which soundproofing and absorption alone cannot do. Scattering the reflections prevents issues with echo and reverb.

Acoustic Panels

Designed for absorbing sound that hits them, their range complements the bass traps and diffusion panels well and work into the overall performance and aesthetics of the room


Recording studio acoustics

Acoustics in a recording studio/mixing/mastering room etc. have different requirements to those in an office. The shape, design and layout of the room are extremely important. Here are a few key points to consider when designing a studio (this list is non-exhaustive and is only intended as a rough guide)

  • Avoid parallel walls – this is difficult to achieve where the room is designed in an existing space; but non-parallel walls, ceiling and floors help to reduce uniform reflections which can cause frequency issues which will depend on the size of the room
  • Absorb plenty of sound; ensuring there are plenty of acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusion panels will allow you more control over the end product’s sound. Artificial reverb can be added post-recording to create the feeling of almost any room possible. By controlling reverb effectively during the recording stage, the mixing engineer will be able to create a uniform sound across the entire recording
  • Place panels opposite speakers – placing acoustic panels opposite (and behind) your speakers will help

If you require any further help with recording studios, rehearsal spaces or any other specialist space, do not hesitate to contact us for guidance

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