Home Office Acoustics

Home Office Acoustics

As working from home becomes the norm, the creation of a suitable home office space is not only desirable for the home-worker, but for their company too; ensuring staff are able to work productively, happily and comfortably must be a priority to counter balance the negative effects of home working and the Covid pandemic: home office acoustics can play a huge role in this

Where space allows, a home office should ideally be a self-contained room in which there will be few disturbances and distractions. Adequate light, heat and fresh air are also essential, as are the correct acoustics. Managing the home-office acoustics is also vital to ensure staff are working as productively as possible, not to mention no more uncomfortably loud and echo laden Zoom/Teams calls!

There is a range of products available which are perfect for the home office environment. Here are just a few examples, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and advice

Acoustic panels:

Lightweight and highly absorbent, our range of acoustic panels are also easy to install simply using the self-adhesive peel-and-stick backing. Offering Class A acoustic performance at unbeatable rates, our range of panels are one of the simplest methods of reducing the reverberation in your home office

Acoustic Wallpaper:

Full wall covering with one of our acoustic wallpapers will reduce reverberation in any space significantly, while also offering practicality by being pinnable. BuzziSkin and Autex’s Composition are both excellent choices for full wall coverings

Desktop Solutions:

Autex Vicinity offers acoustic absorption as a desktop, easy to fix solution. They can be used as desk dividers in the larger home office (useful if Children are doing homework in the same space or you are sharing the office space with a partner) or as a simple solution to install in the smaller office, also being pinnable adds practicality

For further information on any product in the ClearSound range, please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance.

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