How to Muffle Sound

How to Muffle Sound

Using acoustic panels, rafts, screens and baffles to Muffle sound is an excellent way to improve the acoustics in any space.

Acoustic panels, sometimes referred to as sound absorbing boards or panels, are made of various materials, ranging from melamine foam (like our Echo panels), polyester (like Autex 3D Wall panels) or Glass wool (like Ecophon Akusto One).

All of these can be used to Muffle sound in offices, recording studios, home offices, schools, libraries and almost any other space.

A well acoustically treated room has been scientifically proven to increase productivity and the mental well-being of workers. This applied to large scale open offices through to single occupancy home offices.

How to Muffle sound in a home office:

For the home office setting, we would recommend our easy to install, self-adhesive backed Echo or Echo Geo panels. With Class A absorption (the highest rating available), these panels will help your home office be a quieter, more relaxing place to be. The added feature of being printable adds a layer of aesthetics to the panels.

How to Muffle Sound in larger office spaces:

Acoustic screens are an excellent way to reduce sound in the larger office space; with the added extra that they help separate working areas (while maintaining an open plan feel) which can help with social distancing in the office place. Screens are usually hung from the ceiling and are available in various designs.

Where extra absorption is required, acoustic rafts such as Ecophon solo make an excellent addition, offering Class A absorption with no loss of office space

We offer a full range of acoustic solutions perfect for the office. Browse the shop and get in touch with any questions; we are here to help you make the right decision for the acoustic treatment of your office.

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