How to Soundproof Against Noisy Neighbours

How to Soundproof Against Noisy Neighbours

With home working on the rise, the issue of how to soundproof against noisy neighbours is in the forefront of many people’s minds as they struggle to balance a home life, work and home schooling

Having noisy neighbours has been shown to have a direct causal link with heightened levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Disturbed sleep is a major concerning factor, and according to the Graham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, alongside the aforementioned ailments, there are a myriad of health concerns associated with noisy neighbours

As supply-only options, we have concentrated on what we consider to be the most simple and DIY methods to soundproof party walls, which will offer excellent protection against neighbour noise without needing to employ builders, take down or put up walls, or cause any major disruptions.

TecSound + Acoustic Fabric

TecSound is an extremely dense yet thin membrane which blocks airborne noise in party walls. Designed for use inside partitions, it can be applied to the outside of walls and then covered in an acoustic fabric

Applying the self-adhesive acoustic membrane to the wall, from ceiling to floor will offer an excellent sound barrier, reducing noise from your neighbours. Where plug sockets are cut around, our putty pads can be used to stop sound travelling through the gaps in coverage of the TecSound

Ideally, the solution would be applied floor to ceiling, with skirting removed and reattached afterwards to offer maximum protection

Applying an acoustic wallpaper will add to the aesthetics and functionality of the wall covering by also improving the interior acoustic of the room in which this system is installed. We recommend Autex Composition peel and stick panels for an easy applicable solution.



At 30mm thick, the CS-SoundWall is an acoustic barrier applied directly to the wall. Again, floor to ceiling installation is recommended and when installed correctly, this solution to soundproof against noisy neighbours will be highly effective

With this, however, there is also an element of compromise and an understanding that the methods listed below, although will perform well and most likely exceed the needs of your personal circumstances, will not achieve a 100% block sound between houses. We are happy to advise on other solutions and can offer an installation service through our parent company where this is desired

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