Office Acoustics Issue Solved

Office Acoustics Issue Solved


The Issue

We were approached to solve some office acoustics issues for a large firm in Leeds. Their room was reverberating and which had the knock-on effect of causing teleconferencing calls to become very echoey at the other party’s end.

We conducted a survey and determined the current reverb time (RT60) was too high; the sound was reflecting too much from the wall on which their TV and teleconferencing equipment was installed.

Although the room was relatively small, a large and varnished wooden table was contributing to sound reflections as well as three of the 4 walls being made of glass (blinds were available which made some positive impact on the acoustic performance of the space but not sufficient impact to reduce the revert time enough).

The Solution

We supplied their own contractors with Autex Composition for the wall and Autex Quietspace for the ceiling.

Creating a full wall covering of acoustic wall paper on one wall and installing the Autex Quietspace to the ceiling within the lighting feature, they were able to control the reverb and reflections creating a more pleasantly sounding space.

Autex Composition is an acoustic wall paper supplied in linear metre lengths of 1.22m widths. Applied to full walls, it is acoustically absorbent and adds to the aesthetics in any space. The wide range of colours available means there is a choice for all tastes.

Autex Quietspace is an acoustic panel which can be installed to walls or ceilings. Available in 25 and 50mm thickness, the acoustic performance is Class B and A respectively. Easy to install and highly absorbent, Quietspace is an excellent choice for solving your room’s acoustic problems.

Available in White or Black as standard, it is the perfect acoustic panel to blend into its surroundings and create a subtle addition to the room’s décor while making a huge impact on the acoustics.


 If you have any questions about these products please do not hesitate to get in touch with our in-house acoustics team. We are experts in acoustics and can guide you through any acoustics or soundproofing project. We are experts at solving office acoustics issues.



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