Collection: BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool Panels

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and becoming a carbon neutral brand. BAUX acoustic wood wool offers absorption with endless design possibilities.

Available in a wide range of patterns, shapes, colours, and sizes the wood wool panels and tiles can be combined to create truly unique designs. Not a fan of the design? No problem; there are many existing designs you can choose from too!

Harvested from BAUX’s own forest in Sweden, the panels are made at the nearby factory and distributed from there. With sustainability in their hearts, those at BAUX are passionate about having a minimal impact on the environment.

Acoustic Performance

With up to Class A acoustic absorption achievable depending on the installation method, and the thermal properties of the panels, the BAUX wood wool range can be incorporated into designs with the most stringent requirements. Installation of the panels on a timber batten system with Rockwool RW3 within offers Class A acoustics. Direct fixing the panels offers Class D absorption.


Some key benefits of BAUX Wood Wool include:

  • Recyclable – made from wood wool, cement and water
  • Moisture regulating – improves indoor climate by evening out humidity. The panels are not affected by rot due to their high pH value
  • Heat accumulating – reduces energy costs by storing heat and releasing it in lower temperatures
  • Fireproof
  • Low emissions – suitable for restaurants etc. It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner
  • Colour – wide range of standard colours available, including natural unpainted wood. Custom colours are also possible
  • Tiles – Available in square, quarter-circle, circles, rectangles, planks, parallelograms, triangles, hexagons and 3D pixels
  • Panels – all one size available in quilted, stripes, diagonal, check, lines, arch and curve designs
  • Ceilings – Available in pinstripe, widestripe and flat

Popular throughout Europe, we ship these panels internationally on a regular basis. Whatever your project, get in touch with the team for help or inspiration by contacting us today