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Glasgow based Friends of Wilson are headed by enigmatic designer Lynn Wilson; her many years of design experience and success has lead to the creation of Friends of Wilson – acoustic product design and manufacturer.

In their own words, “Noise absorption that is a joy to the eye as well as the ear”

With a focus on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of their products, their mission is to introduce acoustic products into the workplace which transcend their practical function


Hanging Screens and acoustic wall panels, many of which are modular are the core offerings.

A ClearSound favourite is the Tessellate acoustic wall panel. Geometric shapes which fit together and create unique patterns through the available colours are proving to be popular throughout Europe and these wall panels offer the ability to combine the acoustic requirements of an office space while adding to the design and aesthetic qualities of the same space

The next time you go through Kings Cross station in London, take a trip to the first class lounge and see first hand the effect the Friends of Wilson hanging screens have on the space. Creating separation while maintaining the feel of the space, reducing the reverb times and ‘echo’ in the space without impacting (indeed, they improve) the aesthetics in the area.

The wide range of designs available on the hanging screens allows offices to be ‘zoned’ without full separation required by building partitions. Offering acoustic absorption, psychological benefits through the ‘zoning’, and improved aesthetics in the office, the hanging screen range from Friends of Wilson is a very popular choice and is very popular with architects and interior designers

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