Rockfon is a leading company that specialises in providing innovative and high-quality ceiling solutions. 


Ceiling Tile Products:


Rockfon offers an extensive selection of ceiling tiles designed to meet various functional and aesthetic requirements. These ceiling tiles are engineered to enhance acoustic performance, improve indoor air quality, and contribute to a visually appealing environment.


  1. Rockfon Blanka: Blanka ceiling tiles feature a smooth, white surface that provides high light reflectance, contributing to better lighting conditions and energy efficiency. The tiles are made from stone wool, which offers excellent sound absorption properties and fire resistance. They are available in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and edge details to suit different project needs.


  1. Rockfon Artic: Artic ceiling tiles are designed to optimise sound absorption, making them ideal for spaces where noise reduction is crucial. The tiles feature a lightly textured surface


Suspended Ceiling Grid Systems:


In addition to ceiling tiles, Rockfon offers a range of suspended ceiling grid systems that provide a secure and efficient installation method for ceiling applications. These grid systems are designed to ensure precise alignment, easy installation, and compatibility with different ceiling tile options.


  1. Chicago Metallic™ Grid Systems: Rockfon's Chicago Metallic™ grid systems are renowned for their durability, versatility, and ease of installation. They feature a range of profiles, including exposed, concealed, and semi-concealed options, allowing designers to achieve the desired visual effect. The grid systems are available in various materials, such as galvanised steel and aluminium, offering flexibility to meet project requirements.


  1. Rockfon System T24 X: The Rockfon System T24 X is a versatile and reliable suspended ceiling grid system that offers exceptional stability and flexibility. It enables quick and straightforward installation of ceiling tiles, ensuring a precise fit and a visually seamless finish. The T24 X system is compatible with various Rockfon ceiling tile products, providing a comprehensive solution for different applications.


Associated Materials:


Rockfon provides a range of associated materials that complement their ceiling tile and suspended ceiling grid offerings, enhancing installation efficiency and performance.


  1. Hanging Accessories: Rockfon offers a comprehensive range of hanging accessories, including suspension clips, hangers, and wires, which facilitate the secure installation of suspended ceiling systems. These accessories ensure stability, durability, and ease of adjustment during installation and maintenance.


  1. Installation Tools: Rockfon supplies specialized tools designed to simplify and expedite the installation process. These tools include cutting knives, edge trimmers, and panel lifters, enabling precise and efficient handling of ceiling tiles and grid components.



Rockfon stands at the forefront of the ceiling solutions industry, providing a wide range of ceiling tile products, suspended ceiling grid systems, and associated materials. Their offerings, including the Blanka, Sonar, and Alaska ceiling tiles, offer excellent acoustic performance, aesthetic versatility, and durability. The Chicago Metallic™ grid systems and Rockfon System T24 X provide reliable and efficient installation methods for various ceiling applications. With their comprehensive range of associated materials, Rockfon ensures a seamless, hassle-free installation process.


Whether it's a commercial project, a healthcare facility, or an educational institution, Rockfon's comprehensive range of ceiling solutions caters to diverse requirements while maintaining a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and ease of installation.