Sustainable Acoustic Solutions

As an environmentally conscious company, we pride ourselves in offering fantastic acoustic solutions which don’t cost the earth! This is our commitment to using sustainable acoustic panels wherever possible

We have partnered with major suppliers who share our values and commitment to offer high quality acoustic products which are not only made from environmentally sustainable products, but are also recyclable (and already made from recycled or 100% natural materials)

You can be assured that this commitment to using recycled acoustic materials does not compromise the quality of the end result


Made only using wood wool, cement and water, Baux acoustic panels are the epitome of sustainable acoustic solutions. Being thermal and humidity regulators also adds to their environmental credentials as those who have Baux installed need to use their central heating and air-conditioning less.

Cork Acoustic Panels

Our range of panels from CorkBee are made from recycled cork and can be recycled. Cork is also a natural thermal regulator and comes from sustainable forests in Portugal