Zentia is a renowned company specialising in high-quality ceiling solutions.


Ceiling Tile Products:


Zentia offers a diverse selection of ceiling tile products that combine functional performance with aesthetic appeal. These ceiling tiles are designed to enhance acoustics, improve indoor air quality, and create visually captivating environments.


  1. Zentia Optima: Zentia Optima Ceiling Tiles belong to the prestigious Class A acoustic category, ensuring exceptional sound control in any setting. These tiles effectively absorb sound, reducing noise, echoes, and reverberations, creating a serene and focused atmosphere. Whether it's a bustling office, a vibrant restaurant, or an educational facility, Zentia Optima guarantees outstanding acoustic performance, promoting clear communication and heightened concentration.
  2. Zentia Bioguard: Zentia Bioguard Ceiling Tiles are designed to meet the highest hygiene standards, making them ideal for healthcare facilities, laboratories, and other spaces where cleanliness is essential. These tiles are equipped with a special Bioguard coating that actively inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mould. With Zentia Bioguard, you can create a hygienic and safe environment, promoting the well-being of occupants and visitors.


Suspended Ceiling Grid Systems:


Zentia's suspended ceiling grid systems provide secure and efficient solutions for installing ceiling tiles. These grid systems are engineered for durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with various ceiling tile options.


  1. Zentia Fusion: Fusion is a versatile suspended ceiling grid system that combines strength, stability, and aesthetics. It offers a range of profiles, including exposed, concealed, and semi-concealed options, allowing designers to achieve the desired visual effect. Fusion grid systems are available in different materials, such as galvanised steel and aluminium, ensuring flexibility to meet specific project requirements.


  1. Zentia Connect: Connect is a reliable and efficient suspended ceiling grid system designed for quick and easy installation. It provides excellent stability and precise alignment, ensuring a seamless fit for ceiling tiles. Connect systems are compatible with a wide range of Zentia ceiling tile products, offering a comprehensive solution for different applications.


Associated Materials:


Zentia offers a range of associated materials that complement their ceiling tile and suspended ceiling grid offerings, facilitating installation and enhancing overall performance.


  1. Suspension Accessories: Zentia provides a comprehensive selection of suspension accessories, including clips, wires, and hangers, which ensure secure and stable installation of suspended ceiling systems. These accessories offer durability, ease of adjustment, and flexibility during installation and maintenance.


  1. Installation Tools: Zentia offers specialised installation tools designed to streamline the installation process. These tools include cutting knives, edge trimmers, and panel lifters, providing convenience and efficiency when handling ceiling tiles and grid components.


Zentia is a leading provider of ceiling solutions, offering a wide range of ceiling tile products, suspended ceiling grid systems, and associated materials. Their Contour, Tundra, and Nexus ceiling tiles provide excellent acoustic performance and aesthetic versatility. The Fusion and Connect suspended ceiling grid systems offer reliable and efficient installation options. With their range of associated materials, Zentia ensures a seamless installation process for their ceiling solutions.