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TecSound SY - Soundproofing Material

TecSound SY - Soundproofing Material

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Soundproofing material - TecSound


TECSOUND SY is a high-density polymer-based, asphalt-free, synthetic soundproofing membrane, that offers good acoustic insulation in different building elements. It is equipped with a self-adhesive layer, to allow its direct application on the majority of building surfaces

TecSound 50 is 2.5mm thick

TecSound 70 is 3.5mm thick 

TecSound 100 is 5mm thick



    • High acoustic insulation, combined with soft, flexible elements.

    • Flexible.

    • Great elongation capacity

    • Easy handling and adaptable to uneven surfaces.

    • Good bonding to most of the types of surfaces.

    • Acts as a vapour control layer

    • Cold- and heat-resistance.

    • Excellent ageing resistance.

    • Rotproof.


    • Soundproofing against airborne noise in vertical walls with low surface density (lightweight partition walls or boards made of different materials).

    • Soundproofing against airborne noise in ceilings and lightweight roofs.

    • Reduction of impact noise level in all types of floors, sandwiched between floor slabs and loose-laid flooring.

    • Damping of impact noise caused by atmospheric agents on metal decks.

    • Combined with sound-absorbent materials, it offers products with high acoustic performance.

    • Its applications in the industrial field cover from the soundproofing of booths to the acoustic insulation of machine-rooms, gutter pipes, sound damping of metal sheets, etc.

Soundproofing system for walls

Help stop noisy neighbours being heard!

TecSound can be used as an effective barrier for sound in domestic situations where noisy neighbours are a common complaint. The following system will make a significant reduction to the amount of noise that travels through walls.


    1. Apply TecSound across the whole wall surface, cutting around light switches and plugs ensuring the covering is as close to all edges as possible

    1. Apply Autex Composition to the TecSound surface. this acoustic wall paper is available in block colours by the linear meter or in tiled boxes with a self-adhesive backing for ease of installation. The composition can be cut easily using a Stanley blade

    1. Use Putty Pads inside electrical fittings etc.



    • In accordance with the following norms: CTE-DB-HR, EN ISO 140-1, EN ISO 140-3, EN ISO 140-6, EN ISO 140-8, EN 20140-2

and EN ISO 717/1/2.

    • Quality System in accordance with ISO:9001

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