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TimberTech Neo Acoustic Plus Underlay (8m2)

TimberTech Neo Acoustic Plus Underlay (8m2)

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Stop footfall noise between floors!

Acoustic underlay, supplied in rolls. Fast delivery available


Size 1m x 8m (8m2) / Thickness 5mm


TimberTech Neo - Acoustic Underlay

Highly effective barrier for impact sound. 

Offering sound insulation of 27dB, TimberTech is an effective product for use in domestic, industrial and commercial soundproofing projects. Used an underlay, it can be installed onto all types of subfloor. Designed for use with LVT, this product can also be used with carpets with the installation using MDF boarding. It can be combined with or range of Luvanto acoustic flooring options to offer even better sound performance.

Key features and benefits

    • Excellent protection against impact sound transference

    • Protection against moisture: There is a gold vapour barrier on each roll which prevents moisture from rising from the sub-floor protecting the floor covering from damage relating to damp etc.

    • The floor is always fully supported with TimberTech owing to its heavy mass stability

    • Made using recycled car tyres, the environmental impact of the product is low and it is reducing the amount of landfill used

    • The rubber crumb is an excellent source of sound insulation and it works extremely well on its own or as part of a full soundproofing project

    • Each roll measures 8m x 1m and has a thickness of 5mm


The high tensile strength of TimberTech Neo Acoustic Plus makes it suitable for any installation – including commercial use.

The extra thickness helps smooth out uneven subfloor areas, making the flooring last longer.

Being dust free, it’s cleaner and easier to install, with less clearing up needed afterwards.

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