Collection: Autex Acoustics

Carbon Zero, made in the UK, unique designs and colours; just a few benefits of using Autex Acoustics panels, rafts and baffles in your projects.

Here at ClearSound, we have the full range of Autex Acoustics products available, and with bespoke options always available, we can help you from start to finish with your acoustic project using Autex Acoustics’ systems.

Autex Acoustics Cube

Autex cube is a versatile acoustic covering with thickness of either 12 or 24mm. It can be used as a whole wall covering or as stand alone acoustic panels. With high acoustic absorption available through various installation methods, Autex Cube has become one of the industry’s most sought after product. Usually in stock, Cube panels have a short lead time.

They can be easily cut to size on site and can also be custom cut using Autex’s in-house facilities to create any shape, design or cut-out.

Autex Acoustics acoustic panels, screens, and baffles from clearsound acoustics

Autex Hanging Screens

The cuttable nature of Autex Cube lead to the development of Autex Cascade Hanging Screens. An ideal solution for separating spaces within an office environment without the need to build partitions. Different installation options are available and each of them offer acoustic absorption to help reduce stress and distractions in an office space. They are particularly useful at zoning open plan offices and removing some line-of-sight distractions.

Autex Beam and printed Beam are examples of another extremely popular product. These rafts/baffles allow the creation of brilliant design features while treating the acoustic environment. Popularly installed on TV/media walls.

We have an extensive knowledge of Autex Acoustics’ products and are happy to work with you from specification to installation to ensure your project is on time, on budget and solves your acoustic issues. Our experience in solving acoustic issues from noisy offices, echoey sports halls, privacy issues to air conditioner unit problems puts us in a unique position and we are always happy to help