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Swedish brand Abstracta offer elegant, design-lead acoustic solutions. With a wide range of products available, there is an Abstracta solution to suit all needs, from hanging acoustic screens through to acoustic pods.

The flagship products of Aircone, Airbloom, Airleaf, and Airflake are suspended from the ceiling using a track and rail system, offering a way to partition rooms and separate office workers without building walls, spoiling the office aesthetic, and importantly without ruining the open office feel. With a high surface area, these screens offer good acoustic absorption and their presence can contribute to fewer distractions and increased productivity in the workplace.

For higher privacy needs, the introduction of a Silent Pod would provide an acoustically secure, private space in which phone calls, video calls and conversations can be kept confidential without the construction of soundproof booths. The use of booths is very popular and it has been shown that with fewer distractions, the workforce is more productive and, more importantly, happier.

Abstracta Scala is another noteworthy product, an extremely popular choice in offices throughout Europe. The corrugated style and multiple application possibilities make it extremely popular, alongside being easy to install and its availability in a range of colours. The Scala products can be wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling, allowing it to become a feature within the office – as well as being an acoustic absorber contributing to the overall acoustic wellbeing of the space.

Acoustic lighting is perhaps where Abstracta set themselves out from the crowd. The Lily light is one of the most popular acoustic lights available on the market. Available in a range of colours and finishes, the Lily is sought after by offices and is a popular specification choice for architects. Offering 1.2m2 of absorption in the 100Hz octave band per ø1200mm Lily, these lights can be incorporated into acoustic design to help you create a better sounding office.

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