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Abstracta Airbloom Acoustic Screen

Abstracta Airbloom Acoustic Screen

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Abstracta Airbloom is a highly decorative acoustic screen and office divider

Available in the following stock colours, Airbloom is part of the Air family by Abstracta. A range of acoustic screens famous for their design quality and aesthetics.

Felt Colours

20 22 30 34 45
60 65 80 90 Turquoise

Based on the most iconic symbol of nature, the flower, Airbloom has been designed to create a harmonious soundscape within offices while offering positive visual energy.

As with all Abstracta products, Airbloom has been designed with aesthetics at heart.

Key features and benefits

    • Acoustic absorption; creating a better sounding office

    • Aides with social distancing

    • Use to create office partitions

    • Available in a range of colours

    • Customisable due to pack size

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If you have any questions about this product or any other acoustic or soundproofing matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our in-house team of acoustic experts are on hand to guide and advise for the right product type for your sound issue. From transmission issues to loud offices, there isn't an acoustic problem we haven't solved.

As experts in acoustics, we are in a unique position within the market to offer the guidance you need to make an informed choice on products and projects.

We work closely with all the leading brands and manufactures of acoustics, meaning we can not only offer the expert advice, but also unbeatable rates on the leading brands.


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