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Abstracta AirFlake - Acoustic Screen

Abstracta AirFlake - Acoustic Screen

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Airflake was created by designer Stefan Borselius in 2006 and was the first product to emerge from the groundbreaking Air concept. Made of fabric-covered moulded fibre felt, it absorbs sound and prevents echoes. The hexagon-shaped modules are assembled together to form ‘open’ screens that shape or suggest new spaces within a space, while allowing light to pass through unobstructed.

Felt Colours

20 22 30 34 45
60 65 80 90 Turquoise

Creating interesting, aesthetically pleasing partitions in the office using acoustic screens can greatly increase productivity in the work place while increasing privacy and overall sense of well-being. All of this without losing the sense of any open-plan office or creating cocoons where people may feel isolated.

They are installed simply and offer an effective solution to reduce reverb time.

They work well on their own to solve small acoustic problems and excellently as part of a wider acoustic solution,

If you have any questions about the Airflake or acoustics in general please do not hesitate to get in touch with our in-house acoustics team who will be on hand to guide you through any product data and help you from start to finish with any acoustic project.

The Abstracta AirFlake is part of a range of acoustic screens available from Abstracta.


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