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Acoustic Sealant (900ml) - AC95

Acoustic Sealant (900ml) - AC95

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Acoustic Sealant & Adhesive: a high strength, permanently flexible intumescent acrylic sealant and adhesive specifically formulated for fire rated sealing and bonding applications on plasterboard and other kraft lined insulation boards.

    • Provides up to 5 hours fire resistance

    • Non flammable

    • Mould resistant

    • Easy clean up

    • Adheres to most surfaces

    • Excellent acoustic and intumescent* barrier

    • Acoustic rated to BS EN ISO 140/3

    • Tested for air permeability to EN13141-1 Ventilation for buildings

Being easy to apply, this acoustic sealant is particularly useful in aiding soundproof systems. Because the AC95 is fire rated, it is perfect for use in all applications including domestic, industrial and commercial.


*intumescence is swelling in the presence of heat. This is useful in fire protection. Click to read more about this

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