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AllSfär Eclipse Lighting Shade

AllSfär Eclipse Lighting Shade

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The AllSfär eclipse acoustic lighting shade shows even small changes can make a big difference when it comes to acoustics and lighting is no exception. The eye-catching, innovative design of our overhead acoustic light shade helps to create a comfortable acoustic environment, making managing noise levels and having private conversations easier in busy environments. Available in a large range of colours it is perfect for any office space and we are on hand to offer any expertise you may need.


Features of AllSfär Eclipse Acoustic Lighting Shade

    • Available in 26 nature-inspired colours making it easy to bring the outside in

    • Colour range make sit easy to match existing soft furnishings and colour schemes

    • Available in 12mm thickness and two size options

    • Made from 60% recycled PET

    • No Formaolodehyde binders and low VOCs

    • Eye-catching design incorporating a rope cord

    • Comes complete with pendant

    • Option to include a white lining

    • Absorbs noise in even the smallest of spaces

    • Ideal for any space where acoustics and aesthetics are important

We are pleased to offer the full AllSfär range, if you don't see a product on the site please do not hesitate to get in touch with us Contact us by email, phone or online chat


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