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BuzziSkin - Acoustic Wallpaper

BuzziSkin - Acoustic Wallpaper

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BuzziSkin Acoustic Wallpaper

Life's too short for boring walls - BuzziSkin Acoustic Wallpaper offers a bold solution to acoustic issues.

Acoustic wall covering in BuzziFelt
6 mm BuzziFelt + 0,1 mm self-adhesive backing | variation in fabric colour and density possible

Click to view and download BuzziFelt colour chart

Offering full coverage, BuzziSkin offers a number of benefits:

    • Excellent acoustic absorption

    • Pinnable

    • Can be cleaned easily

    • Easy to install with a self-adhesive peel-and-stick backing

    • Comes in rolls of 9.8m2

BuzziSkin is an easy to install, self-adhesive backed acoustic wallpaper. Available in a range of coloured felts, this acoustic wallpaper can play centre piece in a room or be a discrete and useful wall covering.

Perfect for use in the home office, it is supplied in handy roll sizes of 1m x 9.8m. It is easy to cut and shape around plug sockets, light switches and other wall attachments.

It is made using BuzziFelt, an environmentally friendly natural product with acoustic absorbing properties
The perfect pinboard for your home office.

Cleanable and pinnable. The perfect addition into any classroom

BuzziSkin is intended for installation onto walls. It is not recommended to be installed onto ceilings or floors or onto any glass surface. It is also not recommended as a seating surface as this will lead to fluffiness.

For optimal adhesion results, treat the receiving surface with a water-based primer before the application of the BuzziSkin. Please note that BuzziSkin cannot be applied to vinyl or any other plasticised surface.

Please also note that because BuzziSkin is made of natural products, there may be some slight colour and shade variances for which neither ClearSound nor BuzziSpace can be held accountable. No claims concerning such matters can be accepted by either party. The risk of such colour variances is higher in different batches of skin production. Please check with ClearSound customer service before ordering if reassurance is required, especially where large quantities are being ordered or there is a specific need for a reduction of such risk.

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