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BuzziSkin Printed - Acoustic Wallpaper

BuzziSkin Printed - Acoustic Wallpaper

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BuzziSkin Printed Acoustic Wallpaper

Life's too short for boring walls - BuzziSkin Printed Acoustic Wallpaper offers a bold solution to acoustic issues.

Acoustic wall covering in BuzziFelt, printed with a choice of designs
6 mm BuzziFelt + 0,1 mm self-adhesive backing | variation in fabric colour and density possible

Camo Amazon

Camo Desert

Camo Snow

Camo Taiga


Green 1

Green 2


Marble Absynth

Marble Emperador

Offering full coverage, BuzziSkin Printed offers a number of benefits:

    • Excellent acoustic absorption

    • Pinnable

    • Can be cleaned easily

    • Easy to install with a self-adhesive peel-and-stick backing

    • Comes in rolls of 9.8m2

    • Range of aesthetically pleasing designs

    • Ideal for home office, classroom and many other areas

Lighten up your walls and your whole room

BuzziSkin Printed is an easy-to-install solution where aesthetics and functionality are of equal importance. It is suitable for a large range of spaces such as:

    • Classrooms

    • Offices

    • Home offices

    • Waiting rooms

    • Break out areas

    • Reception areas

    • In the home

BuzziSkin has been designed to be highly acoustially functional for spaces which can become very loud due to typing sounds and ringtones; this product offers excellent absorption of higher frequencies.


Technical Info

Available in the following printed patterns:

Concrete, Green 1, Green 2, Jungle, Marble Absynth, Marble Emperador, Camo Amazon, Camo Taiga, Camo Desert, Camo Snow

Roll: 10,10 m x 0,98 m | 397.64” x 38.58”
Thickness: 6 mm + 0,1 mm self-adhesive | 0.24” + 0.04” self-adhesive

Mass: 1000g/m²

It is not recommended to install this product on ceilings or floors, nor on any glass surface.

Should not be used a seating fabric as it will become fluffy

To install, treat the receiving wall with a water-based primer before application of the product to maximise adhesion.

Do not apply to vinyl or plasticised surfaces.

Slight variation in colours may occur due to the natural products used in its manufacture. Deviation of colour is most likely in different batches.

No claims concerning colour variances will be entered into by ClearSound or BuzziSpace.

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