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Acoustic Plasterboard - CS-SoundWall (1.44m²) - 30mm

Acoustic Plasterboard - CS-SoundWall (1.44m²) - 30mm

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CS-SoundWall 30mm acoustic plasterboard - 1.44m²

30mm Acoustic Wall Lining System reduces airborne sound through masonry walls and is installed directly to the wall without the need for timber battens or resilient bars. The system is primarily designed for the refurbishment of existing masonry walls where the original walls are to be converted into party or separating walls between dwellings. CS-SoundWall 30mm Acoustic Wall Lining System is especially useful in areas where space is of a premium in an existing property or where lightweight blocks have been installed in new properties.

Materials List

■ CS-SoundWall 30mm Acoustic Wall Lining board (30 x 1200 x 1200mm)
■ Acoustic/Fire mastic (310ml tube)
■ M6 x 65mm Metal Nails
■ Taping and jointing materials / finish plastering materials


Direct to masonry wall solution (30mm Thickness) with M6 x 65mm Metal Nails to
new/existing block or brick walls.

1 The roof of the building and the windows must be in place prior to the installation of the Karma Acoustiwall Lining System.

2 Remove existing skirting, cornice/coving, sockets or switches. Ensure the top surface of the wall is flat and free of debris.

3 Offer up to the wall the CS-SoundWall acoustic plasterboard, pink side facing out to ensure a flat and stable position.

4 Support the CS-SoundWall and firmly against the wall whilst drilling 5x no. M6 holes, through the panel and into the block/brick wall, 200mm in and down from each corner and 1no. to the centre.

5 Using a hammer, insert the 5no. M6 x 65mm Metal Nail fixings through the panel into the block/brick behind to a depth where the head of the fixing slightly indents into the pink board flush with the surface.

6 Continue installing the CS-SoundWall panels in a brick fashion until the separating/party wall in completely covered ensuring minimal spaces/gaps between the abutted joints.

7 Apply the acoustic/fire mastic to all abutted joints and perimeter joints between floors, walls and ceilings.

8 Apply jointing tape to all board joints, apply finishing plaster ready for decoration.

9 Electrical Sockets/Switches: In areas which contain electrical sockets/switches ensure cables are brought through to the front of the CS-SoundWall panel using a minimal whole. Using the Acoustic/Fire mastic seal the whole around the cable, install suitable electrical boxes for plasterboard walls, install Karma Acoustic/Fire Putty Pads to the boxes, connect cables and affix switch/socket face plate.
10 Cornice/Coving: Install cornice/coving in the usual manner according to manufacturer’s instruction.
11 Skirting Boards: Install skirting in the usual manner used with plasterboard partitions and according to manufacturer’s instruction.


For domestic soundproofing click here

For guidance on meeting the required building regs, please visit the website on Part E here 

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