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GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap

GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap

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The GIK Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap is one of GIK most effective bass trap and takes up far less floor space. It is stackable from floor to ceiling and doesn't have to be mounted on walls or corners,. It is constructed with a solid core of absorption material and has been effectively designed to absorb more low end, but also does an excellent job of absorbing the high end.

Many studios, home theatres and listening rooms make do with foam wedges in corners which are unattractive and far less efficient in sound wave absorption than acoustic panels. GIK's dedicated sound engineers have developed a more attractive and effective product

Key benefits of the GIK acoustics Tri-trap Corner Bass Trap

    • Designed to fit in any corner

    • Able to support up to 22.5 kgs in weight

    • Top and bottom available in two colours: black vinyl, or Beech Wood Veneer

    • standard size: 1200mm tall x 585 mm front

    • weight: 6 kg

    • can be custom sized to fit your specifications

    • Can add scatter plates, contact us or more information

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