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GIK Evolution PolyFusor Diffusor/Absorber

GIK Evolution PolyFusor Diffusor/Absorber

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The GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor© is a combination of a polycylindrical sound diffuser and an absorber merged into a single unit. Polycylindrical diffusors, polyfusors, or also known as poly acoustic diffusers are well-known for their excellent dispersion characteristics over a very wide range.

The Evolution PolyFusor © is a diffusor absorber as it smoothly transitions as a bass trap from 80Hz, to upper-bass/lower-mid scattering device, to diffusor. Starts diffusing at 600Hz.

The Evolution PolyFusor GIK Diffusor/absorber provides a great mix of absorption and audio diffusion capabilities. Polyfusors offer a wider band of spatial diffusion than a typical quadratic residue diffuser, but do not affect the phase of the incident sound. Thus the Evolution PolyFusor© is best suited to spreading mid and high frequencies out in a room.

GIK Acoustics bass traps and acoustic panels are available in 9 standard Camira Cara fabric options at no additional charge.

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