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MuteBoard™ wallboards are a practical solution to your soundproofing. They can be applied straight to brick/blockwork and will reduce common household noises.

MuteBoard™ 3 is a triple-ply soundproof material containing a 6mm foam that provides a layer from the surface, a mass loaded vinyl layer with 4mm of thickness to provide damping. It is then bonded onto acoustic plasterboard ready to be skimmed and plastered.

MuteBoard™ 4 is a quad-ply soundproofing material with an additional mass loaded vinyl layer to increase damping.


MuteBoard™ 3 – 1200 x 1200 x 25mm (1.44m2)

MuteBoard™ 4 – 1200 x 1200 x 27mm (1.44m2)


Airborne Noise Performance:

MuteBoard™ 3 – Up to 45dB on a single course brick wall

MuteBoard™ 4 – Up to 49dB on a single course brick wall



MuteBoard™ 3 – 31kg

MuteBoard™ 4 – 37kg


Use 9 hammer fixings for each MuteBoard™ (fixings not included)

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