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Norseal NOR650 Threshold Plate

Norseal NOR650 Threshold Plate

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The NOR650 is part of the Norsound 600 range which are low profile threshold plates. This product is made from durable T6060 grade aluminium and anodised to the highest standard.

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These threshold plates are made from durable aluminium and complement the Norsound door bottom seals. They provide a level platform for the Norsound door bottom seals to locate against which ultimately leads to greater sound reduction.

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At the threshold of door sets



Bonded with adhesive (not supplied) or screw-fixed



Complies to Approved Document M

AA10 finish



Aluminium Gasket – Rigid and flexible PVC


Length(s) (mm)

1000, 2100


Size(s) (mm)




Satin Silver

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