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On Trend SilentLab Prime Acoustic Pod

On Trend SilentLab Prime Acoustic Pod

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Silent Lab likes peace and quiet when working. Their original office acoustical solutions carve out an oasis of calm and privacy even in the noisiest interior environments.

Open offices are more popular than ever, but along with greater interaction comes overwhelming noise. Thanks to their team of acoustics experts, we enable companies to provide employees with the distraction-free workspaces they need to perform and collaborate at optimal levels. Their unique mobile soundproof offices, acoustical wall panels, ceiling hangings and other sound-reduction accessories are all made at in-house at their facilities in the Czech Republic.

The holistic approach to sustainable sound empowers the creation of complete acoustic solutions.

Here at ClearSound, we can work with you to devise highly customized solutions precisely tailored to your needs. Visual appeal is as important to us as top-tier performance, which is why all acoustic products we offer combine unique design with maximum functionality.


Exterior dimensions: 1175 × 995 × 2285 mm 
Interior dimensions: 900 × 915 × 2080 mm 
Weight: 350 kg
Glass walls: Sound-insulating glass
Solid walls: Sound-absorbing sandwich panel with acoustic insulation
Glass wall frame and door handle: Solid oak/black varnish
Ceiling: Sound-absorbing sandwich panel with acoustic insulation
Flooring - Carpet (anthracite grey)

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