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Regupol Adhesive 43-105- Acoustic Sealant and Adhesive

Regupol Adhesive 43-105- Acoustic Sealant and Adhesive

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Regupol Adhesive 43-105 Acoustic Sealant for Use with Regupol®  Soundproof Underlay

Regubond 100 is a solvent free low VOC high performance water based acrylic dispersion with very good bond strength. It is suitable for plasticized vinyl floor coverings (including PVC tiles) together with high density foam backed carpets.

Offers 3/4m2 coverage


Regupol Adhesive 43-105 Acoustic Sealant for Use with Regupol®  Soundproof Underlay

Regupol 43-105 is a solvent free acrylic emulsion-based adhesive, for bonding many sound insulation materials to common sub-floors and many floor finishes to the insulation.



The adhesive manufacturer will guarantee the performance and quality of products against manufacturing defects provided they are used in accordance with our relevant Technical Data Sheets at the time of installation and the appropriate subfloor preparation has been undertaken in accordance with the relevant British Standards.

Floor covering manufacturers are constantly introducing new backings and improving their current products. Certain backings may have unique characteristics which may influence the choice of adhesive used. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information is correct at the time of publication it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the product is suitable for the particular installation.


Important steps before you lay Regupol Adhesive – Surface Preparation

    1. Suitable sub-flooring substrates include concrete, flooring grade hardboard, plywood, chipboard, sand/cement screed, proprietary good quality self-smoothing underlayments. Asphalt and surface membranes should be treated with at least a 3mm coating of the latter before applying the adhesive.

    1. Site conditions should comply with the latest British Standards editions: BS 8102 (Code of Practice for protection against moisture from the ground), BS 8203 (Code of Practice for installation of resilient floor coverings), BS 5325 (Code of Practice for installation of textile floor coverings), BS 8204 part 1 (Code of Practice for installation of self-levelling screeding compounds), and supplementary specifications.

    1. Surfaces must be level, firm and clean, free of loose material, mould, oil, grease, organic growth and surface moisture (under 75% RH).

    1. Uneven, dusty or friable surfaces should be treated with the appropriate universal primer and screed.*

    1. It is essential that suitable damp proof membranes be in place to prevent rising damp.*

    1. Under floor heating should be turned off for at least 48 hours prior to and after application.

    1. Particular attention must be paid to the floor covering manufacturer’s instructions. i.e. any pre storage conditions prior to fitting.



Mixing: Regupol 43-105 is a ready to use, versatile product and should not be diluted or adulterated in any way.


This adhesive with a very wide range of applications can be used to install the following:

        • Hard/ Resilient Floorcoverings: Vinyl: Linoleum, Sheet, tiles, cushion, and other vinyl backed floorcoverings including mineral felt backed vinyl.

        • Carpets & Carpet Tiles: PVC backed, polyurethane foam backed and many other carpets and needle-punch/fibre-bonded carpets where a solvent free system is specified.

        • Most REGUPOL sound deadening underlays including REGUPOL 4515, 3912, 7210C, the REGUPOL Vibration Range, Gymnasium materials including interlaminar bonds in Gymnasium build ups and Regufoam.

Removal of adhesive from tools:
Clean tools with water if the adhesive is still wet or use white spirits if it has dried.

Product Specification
Colour Off White
Consistency Trowelable Mastic
Open Time 15 minutes plus depending on site conditions: Temp, humid & surfaces to be treated
Specific Gravity 1.2
Shelf Life 12 months if stored between 5-30°C in a dry area, in original unopened containers.
Protect from frost.


Product Technical Information
Curing High humidity, a low temperature and poor ventilation will retard the drying speed
Coverage 3m2/kg depending on the porosity of the substrate and thickness of the adhesive film.
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