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Soundblocker Perimeter Strips - Suspended Ceiling Soundproofing

Soundblocker Perimeter Strips - Suspended Ceiling Soundproofing

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Soundblocker Perimeter Strips


Self-adhesive Soundblocker Perimeter Strips are used at the perimeters or around columns etc.

They are supplied in 15m rolls (6mm thick)

Key benefits

    • Perfect for soundproofing ceilings

    • Stop transmission between rooms over partitions

    • Work in conjunction with soundblocker tiles for suspended ceilings

Installed around the perimeter of suspended ceilings where the grid and tiles meet the partition, sound is block from travelling between rooms. These can be used in conjunction with RockWool acoustic insulation for a high performing acoustic solution for suspended ceilings in preventing sound attenuation

These can be particularly helpful in areas where privacy is desired, such as in healthcare settings. Using soundblocker products with Ecophon hygiene ceiling tiles in any sterile environment will improve the acoustics, privacy and cleanliness of the space. The easy to clean hygiene system is the perfect accompaniment

As acoustic and soundproofing experts, we are in a unique position within the industry to offer advise on all aspects of your project; from suspended ceiling installation through to room acoustics. Our in-house acoustics team is on hand to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions

The perfect suspended ceiling soundproofing solution

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