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Soundlay Foam (Under Screed)

Soundlay Foam (Under Screed)

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Soundlay Foam Under Screed Isolation Material is available in a range of thicknesses giving choice of impact sound insulation values.

Soundlay Foam Under Screed Isolation Material is a cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foam which is ideal as a low cost resilient under-screed layer designed to reduce the transmission of impact sound through cast in–situ beam and block and precast plank flooring.

The foam contains EVA rubber cells to give improved acoustic performance and increased resistance to compression and creeping.

Each roll measures 50mx2m with a choice of 5mm or 10mm depth



Advantages of Soundlay Foam 

  • Easy and Fast to install

  • Easy to handle

  • High Elasticity for excellent impact sound attenuation

  • Both systems tested on basic floor constructions

  • Low Water absorption avoids need for additional waterproof membrane

  • Good compression set

  • Highly resistant to creeping

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